A commitment to innovation and sustainability

At ETS, we pave the way in audio-visual excellence by blending innovative design with sustainable practices. Our commitment lies in employing eco-friendly technologies and creative solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also safeguard tomorrow.

A passion for creating spaces

With a diverse portfolio of professional services, ETS caters to an array of clients, from modern homeowners seeking smart spaces to enterprises aiming for cutting-edge commercial environments. Discover how our passion translates into creating bespoke spaces.

Renovate, Restore, Retrofit

Transform your space with ETS AV Solutions, where imagination meets expertise. Our services in renovation, restoration, and retrofitting bring your vision to life, ensuring each project is a masterpiece of function and style.

Continuous Support

At ETS, our relationship with clients extends beyond project completion. Offering continuous and ad-hoc support, we ensure your systems operate flawlessly — from cutting-edge installations to legacy systems.

Tender Creation

Navigating the complexities of technology procurement, ETS excels in crafting bespoke solutions. We guide you through the tender process, ensuring your vision is realized and competitively positioned in the market.


Our consulting services streamline your decision-making process. By meticulously assessing technical bids, we highlight opportunities and navigate potential pitfalls, equipping you with insights to make informed choices effortlessly.

Project Management

ETS demystifies AV project management. Acting as your independent technical liaison, we translate industry jargon, scrutinize variation requests, and ensure seamless project delivery. Your vision, uncomplicated and realized.

System Design Solutions

Whether it’s a compact huddle room or an expansive multi-purpose office space, ETS crafts tailored AV system designs that resonate with your unique needs. Elevate your space with solutions designed for impact. Let’s connect.

“… creates an extra layer of comfort and support on any project we have used him on – his knowledge is second to none in his field and delivers what he says he will, on time and on budget …”

Steve Blyth

CEO, Engage Works